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Roman Price commented:

Just wanted to thank you for another amazing year here at LifePulp. You have touched more lives than you will ever know with your amazing inspirations. You have been a light to those in a dark place.

You have been runner up twice for the Joy to the world Award, the only person on the site to share in the Joy to the world Award 2 years back to back. Thats one of the greatest accomplishments here, you should be proud of that :)

IM proud to call you my friend Rose :)

spyrose commented:

THANK YOU so much Roman,... its my pleasure to hear these words from our Founder Roman Price :) and to be called a friend is such a great thing for me.

And thank you as well for my co-LifePulpers for having time reading and pulping my posts, may the Almighty Father bless this site, the members and their family. IM happy and proud that I belong here. :) FILIPINA AKO!!!


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