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Roman Price commented:

Gelay, LifePulp is verifying ALL profiles. It's quick and super easy.

Sometime soon, if not already you will see a rectangle at the top of your screen. Please follow the quick 1 step verification process. It will only take a minute.

This will help us a great deal in future upgrades for new and exciting features. Thank you so much.

gelay yao commented:

hi Roman, Im sure whatever your plans is for the betterment of 'LP' I support 200% all the endeavors you and your group creating...hmmm, i notice the 'gift' this is cool! been away for sometime, last night while trying to post some Im getting this error,,,ill try to post tonight...sleep tight dearest

Roman Price commented:

Hey :) thanks for supporting. if you post the same exact inspiration word for word lifepulp gives you an error. It's so the same post by the same user doesn't post over and over to flood the pages of inspiration. Maybe that was the problem?


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