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"all of us have something in our past that we regret may have been a honest mistake, a moral failure or a foolish decision...We wish it had not happened but it remains in our mind & often drags us down...but life does not to be that way...while the past remains part of our lives, it does not have to determine our future...So better look ahead & prepare than to look back & be in despair..."

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Posted: Aug 11, 2011

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honey sweetie commented:On 2011-08-31

very good thought.

JOY to the world commented:On 2011-08-25

Simply great a post Gelay...

Effendy Karto commented:On 2011-08-17

It's really a great post. Thank you for sharing dear.

anu m. commented:On 2011-08-12

beautifully said...gr8

seyi johnson awokoya commented:On 2011-08-11

thank you that

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