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"The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it."
~peter pan~

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Posted: Sep 29, 2011

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Roman Price commented:On 2011-10-04

lol obviously I would never confuse members here with other members :)

Im not bright but I remember my friends :p

Roman Price commented:On 2011-10-04

No Tessa used your inspiration in one of her blogs on TeenSanity.

This story is of how it happened, first I shared your inspiration on twitter, then it made it to my facebook profile, then Tessa saw it and blogged about it.

All thanks to you sharing it :) It all started with you posting this wonderful inspiration and it made its way around the net :)

gelay yao commented:On 2011-10-04

huh?? im not Tessa..Roman =)

Roman Price commented:On 2011-10-01

So intresting story about this wonderful quote. I loved it and naturally tweeted it, my tweets show up on my facebook profile. Tessa from TeenSanity saw it on my facebook profile and wrote a blog about it --->

Just another great example of how inspiration starts here at LifePulp with its members and makes its way around the world :)

spyrose commented:On 2011-09-29

one of my fav - peter and wendy!!!
i really love them both when i was a kid....:)

...i agree!

gelay yao commented:On 2011-09-29

thanks Ms Joy!

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